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                                               Lilies of the valley



I have a true friend. My name is Anika and my friend's name is Ron. We have been friends for ages, and I know for sure that when we grow up, and even when we become very old, we still be fiends, because true friendship is forever.


There are so many interesting things in the world, but there is always something we are keen on more than anything else. I have always thought that for Ron this precious something is playing football. He had always looked so happy on a football field! But when one day I asked Ron what he liked doing most of all, he just smiled in return. As to me, most of all I like photographing lilies of the valley! I even have a special album where every year I put a new picture of my favorite flowers. But this time it all turned out quite differently.


It was a warm spring day and the first lilies of the valley had just blossomed. I couldn’t wait to take some new pictures of them! I was running to the park, holding my camera in hand. Suddenly, I tripped over something and fell. The camera fell out of my hands and smashed....I was lying on the pavement, and could not get on to my feet. I hardly ever cry, but I was so hurting and bitter that could not hold back my tears.


I had hurt my leg so badly, that the doctor said I would have to stay at home at least for three months. I could not believe it! When I get better, lilies of the valley would have already stopped to bloom! The room was quiet. A light breeze ruffled the curtains in the open window. The sun light was felling on the table, shining on the album with pictures of lilies of the valley. I was lying with the blanket over my head. I had never felt myself so wretched!


Suddenly I realized that that day Ron was to play in a very important football match. I had promised him long ago to come to this game. I imagined how upset he would be when he saw that I was not there! I heard someone knocking at the door. I was sure it was my mom. But when the door opened I saw it was Ron! He was holding a bunch of lilies of the valley in his hands. I was so surprised, because I knew that he had to be at the match at this time!


- „How are you feeling, Bouncy Ball?”


Ron always gave me funny names, and this was one his favorite.


- „Honestly speaking, not very good”. - I said sadly.


And then Ron passed me the flowers. Their small white bells were softly swaying on slender stems. Their delicate scent filled the room.


Lilies of the valley! I felt so happy and warm! Even my leg almost stopped hurting me. Ron stayed with me for a long time. We talked about everything, and he made me laugh with his stories of funny incidents on the football field.


That year I was not able to take pictures of lilies of the valley, but then they were right there in my room. It was not by chance Ron had brought me these flowers of all others...


I felt happy again, so glad that Ron was near, but a bit guilty: because of me he missed the important football play. When I mentioned that, Ron stopped me:


-“Now, it doesn’t matter! There are still hundreds of games ahead! The only thing that matters is that you should get better as quickly as possible! Tomorrow I will come again”.


At the door, Ron suddenly turned:


-„Remember, once you asked me what I liked doing most of all?


–„Of course, I do”. - I nodded – „You didn’t tell me though”.


Ron smiled shyly and said:


- „Most of all I like being together with you”.







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