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                           The road



He was looking for his own way of life, his own road. He was prepared to walk a long way in order to find it. In searching he spent a lot of time and encountered numerous roads, but none of them felt like his own.


Every now and then he fell into a state of despair. It seemed that every path was already taken, and he was the only one left with none of his own. But he never gave up and continued his search. Time went by. One day he suddenly found a road which felt right. He had walked a stretch of the road already when he noticed a person walking ahead of him. It was a girl. Her gait was confident, as if she was completely certain that the road belonged to her. He sped up his pace and caught up with the girl.


“Excuse me, is this your path?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied cheerfully.

“Then why haven’t I seen you here before?”

“Every person enters a road from his point the girl answered. The begining of the road is different for everyone.”


“Perhaps this is our mutual road?,” he said, his voice full of hope.

“I’m certain that this is my road,” she replied. “If you go with me, you will only be able to share my way. Everyone of us has his own road...”


They walked in silence for a while.

I am afraid I am late and all of the roads have been taken, he sad sadly. 

The girl looked at him. The reason why the roads are taken is not because you are late. It's because they are not yours.


He thought for a moment. 

But what for do so many roads exist at all? 

So that every person could have a choice.


They reached a crossroad and stoped. 

“Why can’t a person follow their own road from the very beginning?” he asked.

“Every one of us has their own way to their road. Sometimes it is difficult for us to recognize our road straight away,” she went on, “and sometimes we are simply not ready.”


“But how is it possible to find the right road among myriads of choices?!” he exclaimed.

The girl smiled.

“Don’t search with your eyes or your mind. Search with your heart.”


She shook his hand.

“Goodbye! My road goes on, and I must follow.”


Having said that, the girl continued on her way. After a while she stopped and turned around.

“By the way, the essential part is not only to find one’s own road. The most important is how you walk it...”




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