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                                               The weather forecast



The boy loved all kinds of weather.

When it was raining, he did not hide at home. Instead he ran outside and caught raindrops in his small palms. He never owned an umbrella. He simply did not need one. The boy was friends with rain. Sometimes he got very tired during the day for some unknown reason. Something held him down. Other people’s thoughts and actions stuck to him, and he found it difficult to walk with it. But the rain poured down untill washing away all these heavy feelings. The boy was utterly surprised by people who thought that they would catch a cold from getting soaked in the rain. He knew that people fell ill for completely different reasons.


He loved the sun. He liked going for walks, catching rays of light and basking in sunlight. He was thrilled by the magical moment when the first rays of sun reached the rooftops, and the city suddenly lit up and became alive, shaking off the grey shades of the night.


He loved the wind too. The wind that lifts up colourful autumn leaves and twirls them with closed eyes in the air. The boy also wanted to fly around with those leaves, feeling an incredible lightness of the flight.


He loved the snow as well. The boy liked to watch snowflakes dance and fall from the sky. He liked the feeling of snowflakes on his eyelashes. And while catching snowflakes with his tongue he thought how sweet they taste. 


And yet the boy felt that something was missing. Yes, there was rain, wind, sun and snow, but there still should has been something else! The nature heard the boy and took a moment to think. Indeed, she had something else in store, but she thought that people were content with what they had…


The boy was walking down the street. Suddenly he felt that everything around him had changed. He could not understand the reason. He looked around, but everything seemed the same. He looked at the sky, and something was different. Then he realised that the sky was smiling! It was smiling a thousand smiles that fell to the ground like tiny shining stars. “This is a new kind of weather – smiles!” thought the boy. “How surprised people will be when they hear the weather forecast on the radio: The weather today will be clear, slightly windy, temperature above zero degrees with a touch of smiles in the air.”


The boy walked on, a broad, happy smile on his face.






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