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Fairytale therapy


Fairytale therapy is a very effective, deep and gentle technique. It is applicable not only for children, but also for adults, each age has its own fairy tale, myth, parable and approach.



Working with a fairy tale:



  • helps to understand your feelings and experiences,

  • helps to find solutions to life's difficulties and problems

   (fears, conflicts, shyness, etc.)

  • develops hidden abilities to solve life problems,

  • helps to see the variety of ways to achieve the goal,

  • helps to improve psychological health,

  • stabilizes the emotional sphere,

  • develops self-esteem and self-control,

  • forms faith in yourself and in your own strength.


Therapeutic fairy tales help where other psychological techniques may be powerless.


I am a member of the International Union of Fairy Tale Therapists. In addition, I have been working in the field of non-formal education for many years. I teach puppet theater and shadow theater for children and adults. I am engaged in social and art projects. Write stories, scripts and fairy tales. This life experience also helps me in fairytale therapy.


In my work, I use an individual approach. It is very important for me to create an atmosphere where a person is not afraid try, where he can reveal his full potential, believe in himself and in his strength. An atmosphere where a person feels supported by others. And so that the process of communication and creativity brings him joy.

I conduct individual and group sessions for children and adults. I use the method of complex fairytale therapy, where fairytale therapy is combined with other techniques: art therapy, puppet therapy, play therapy, sand therapy and theater.

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