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                                               You are beautiful! 



Despite her age of sixty and considerable size, Ardita Viktorovna, a math teacher, flew up on the third floor like a bird. She smoothed down her disheveled red hair, straightened the white starched blouse, and pushed the door of the classroom. The children were sitting on their places, and everything was suspiciously quiet. "Good morning," - the teacher moved her glasses to the tip of her nose. "Ardita Viktorovna, you are late," Savva said, "Has anything happened?" "Of course, it has!" she answered and continued in whisper, "On the way to school I was kidnapped by a fiery dragon!" The class dissolved in laughter. "Better tell me, what this is?" – and Ardita Viktorovna pointed to a large package on her desk. The packaging was all in little holes. "Open it!" shouted the children. Ardita Viktorovna unwrapped the package- behind the golden bars of a cage two bright eyes set in brightly colored feathers were looking at her. "You are beautiful, my Queen!" intoned the parrot. "Happy birthday!" exclaimed the children. Ardita Viktorovna smiled. "Well then, welcome to freedom!", she said and opened the door of the cage.




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