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Film "En Garde!" 

A story of a young fencer on his way to manhood, wrestling with fears and a feeling of guilt, after the loss of an important person.

en garde.jpg

Director              , writers of the script Karina Falkenstein and             .




Best Cinematography (United Kingdom, 2019) Fusion International Film Festivals.


Best Supporting actor for a foreign language (United Kingdom, 2019) Fusion International Film Festivals.

Best Short Film October 2018 Selection (Spain, 2018) Around International Film Festival.

Best Film Script (Italy, 2018) Overtime Film Festival.


Diploma for "The touching story of two brothers"(Russia, 2018)Zero Plus International Film Festival

Best Director of a Short Foreign Language Film (Spain, 2018) Madrid International Film Festival.

Award of Excellence (June, 2018) Accolade Global Film Competition.

Winner Monthly Edition, (Italy, 2018) Oniros Film Award.

Award of Merit (United States, 2018) ONE-REELER Short Film Competition. 

Special Award (Latvia, 2017) International Short Film Festival Open Place.

Official Selection:

In the Palace International Short Film Festival (Bulgaria, 2019)

South Texas International Film Festival (ASV, 2019).

Guro Kids International Film Festival (South Korea, 2019).

International Film Festival (United Kingdom, 2019).

Kyrgyzstan - country of short films (Kyrgyzstan, 2018).

Catalina Film Festival (United States, 2018).

International Children's Film Festival (Bangladesh, 2018).

Krasnogorski International Film Festival (Russia, 2018).

BUZZ CEE - International Film Festival (Romania, 2018).

Film School Alliance (Georgia, 2018). 

Short to the Point (Romania, 2017).

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